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    Say hello to The Sweet Serenades, a duo hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, who create toe-tapping pop/rock ballads with the passion of Springsteen and revelry of fellow countrymen I’m From Barcelona (hell, they even use a kazoo!)

    Musically, think a mix of Kings of Leon and early Strokes with a sprinkle of The Boss in respect to the vocals. While the duo, composed of Martin Nordvall and Mathias Näslund, have just one EP under their belt, 2007’s First Taste, their sound is as full as it is diverse, featuring everything from Weezer, garage band-esque guitar riffs to the simplicity of hand clapping.

    What’s more, The Sweet Serenades are one of those groups where the music and lyrics come hand-in-hand, with each aspect relying on the other to evoke its full potential and power. “First Taste of Trouble,” is a classic ballad about heartbreak that lets the guitar rhythm do most of the serious talking, while the ruckus of the punk meets Beach Boys, “Boom Bye Bye” enhances the song’s subject of chaotic love.


    Perhaps the best attribute of The Sweet Serenades is that they are simply fun to listen to, exhibiting both the elegance and fury of any good rock band and creating the type of music that brings a smile to your face and stays in your memory for years to come.

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    “I Can Never Die”
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