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    Idaho is famous for potatoes and being The B-52s’ ‘Own Private’ place. The Very Most will undoubtedly add to this minor reputation with its pop-oriented, loose change, jingle jangle music. The trio-turned-quartet from Boise, with a penchant for Death Cab vocals and children’s book imagery, brings something familiar to the ever-changing audiophile landscape, but with a twist of lime and wit. On its second LP, Congratulations Forever, we see a blend of Barenaked Ladies quirkiness in “Polygraph” and “Good Fight Fighting” while the Death Cab cultures run free in the UK with “Sod Off”. A charming harmony makes for easy listening on every song with the aid of Jeremy Jensen and Gia Trotter going very CSS on everyone without sounding too adolescent.

    It’s not often one catches a glimpse of innocence entertaining to children and adults alike without a parent eventually going on a Barney bounty hunt, but since the Ladies released its first-ever children’s album, Snacktime, it seems to be acceptable for families to join in radio ‘ga-ga’ together. All references aside, I won’t claim that The Very Most directed this album to kids, but it is definitely a musical concoction that can make you think like a scientist, worry like a workaholic, then turn around and shock your inner-toddler awake.

    The kaleidoscope of colors in every sound is both relaxing and somewhat psilocybin (for you kiddies, that means ‘magic mushrooms’). Honestly, unless you plan to visit Kanye West’s Glow In The Dark tour, or get your hands on a record by Brightblack Morning Light, this is your best bet (also check out The Gripweeds from Jersey).


    This fine group of Northwest natives, which also includes Von House and Jake Hite, are currently on tour in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Their second album, Congratulations Forever, is out now – go pick it up if you can find it. They are still considered local indie, so unless you plan on getting immunized for dysentery anytime soon, please go to their MySpace and catch a tune.

    Check Out:
    “Good Fight Fighting”
    “Sod Off”

    The Very Most 2008 Tour Dates:
    09/20 – Boise, ID @ Muley’s Mountain Coffee
    09/24 – Boise, ID @ Terrapin Station
    10/07 – Meridian, ID @ Groove Coffee
    10/17 – Nampa, ID @ The Leaf and Bean Coffee and Tea House
    12/06 – Garden City, ID @ Visual Arts Collective