CoS Year-End Report: The Top 100 Albums

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    Ah, the end of the year. It’s quite a magical time, isn’t it? Teenagers are out of school and watching hokey vampire flicks, Wall Street brokers are suicidal, and well, our President is getting shoes thrown at him. It doesn’t get better than this, and just when you’re about to hang the proverbial hat, put your feet up, and relax… we’re here with a long, bloated, superficial yet well thought out end of the year list, all for your arguing pleasure.

    2008 was a great year. It was the year of demystification. We saw a lot of things come out of the wood work that always seemed possible, but yet so far off. For one, no one can argue that Barack Obama’s win for presidency was perhaps one of the coolest things this country has accomplished thus far, but that’s stating the obvious. What about lil’ milestones like: Axl Rose coming out with Chinese Democracy, Harrison Ford returning to the fedora (rather weak, but nonetheless), and the start of production on Ghostbusters 3. Okay, only one of those things may be music related; however, it still casts one hell of a light on the stellar achievements in 2008. Or, maybe I’m just too much of a fan boy.

    Before you dive in though, here’s a little background on the list. First off, this isn’t a collective decision or anything. The staff simply put in their top tens and I, being the obsessive compulsive decision maker, tallied everything into a points system. So, what you see here is the result of said system. Honestly, it’s interesting to see the similarities between our list and many other publications. Then again, there are some major deviations that you might not have expected (especially in comparison to our Mid-Year Report), but that’s what gives it character, right? Right?

    Anyhow, without further ado, here’s our list:





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