Check Out: Felix da Housecat’s ode to Prince

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    Renowned DJ and snarky lyricist Felix da Housecat has finally unveiled his first single from the long awaited He Was King which will hit stores soon on August 25th. Loaded with swirling synths and backed by a thumping electro beat, “We All Wanna Be Prince” is a great dance track that draws from modern techno music while mashing up its fresh sound with some trademark 80’s techno flavor. And it’s all because of Prince!

    That’s right, Felix’s appropriately titled new track pays tribute to the awesomeness of America’s ultimate male sex symbol: Prince. (Editor’s Note: Control yourself, Ally!) And with Purple Rain’s 25th anniversary approaching, he couldn’t have picked a better time to get all mushy. Felix da Housecat elaborated on the matter stating, “Prince is one of the most brilliant, talented, and influential musicians of all time and without him many contemporary musicians would be nowhere.”

    For a short time, “We All Wanna Be Prince” will be available for free on AOL’s Spinner so hurry up and grab it while you can. Otherwise, you can wait for the whole shebang with the rest of the pack, seeing as how the original track will be released alongside a slew of remixes by Paper Faces (AKA The Killers/Madonna/Seal super-producer Stuart Price), Joachim Garraud, Danny Howells, Grey Ghost & Deth Hertz, and Port-Royal on July 28th.

    We All Wanna Be Prince (single) Tracklisting:
    01. We All Wanna Be Prince
    02. We All Wanna Be Prince (Paper Faces Remix)
    03. We All Wanna Be Prince (Joachim Garraud Vocal Remix)
    04. We All Wanna Be Prince (Joachim Garraud Dub Remix)
    05. We All Wanna Be Prince (Danny Howells’ Delirious Remix)
    06. We All Wanna Be Prince (Grey Ghost & Deth Hertz Remix)
    07. We All Wanna Be Prince (Port-Royal Remix)
    08. We All Wanna Be Prince (Instrumental Mix)
    09. We All Wanna Be Prince (Clean Version)