The Apples in Stereo to release their own selected best-of

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    #1 Hits Explosion: though it sounds like a new wave of Now That’s What I Call Music!, as the music industry has shown us before-Neutral Milk Hotel wasn’t neutral, a dairy product, or a hotel-names can often be misleading. The hyperbolic title is none other than the name to be bestowed upon a best-of album from Elephant 6 originals, The Apples in Stereo. According to Prefix, the psych pop connoisseurs selected sixteen tracks from their six studio albums for a best of collection, to be released on September 1st via Yep Roc. As of now, no tracklist has been made available, and with quite the collection of songs to choose from, fans should have fun drawing their own conclusions as to which sunny tunes will make the cut (or should I say slice?). Not funny? You can’t win ’em all.

    #1 Hits Explosion comes in preparation for a 2010 planned release of the Apples in Stereo, one that frontman Robert Schneider describes as “an album of soul music filtered through a UFO.” So in other words, The Flaming Lips meets Al Green on shrooms. Sounds about right. This is all in addition to that recent slew of Elephant 6 news, which included information regarding new albums from both Circulatory System and Olivia Tremor Control. Now take a deep breath and return to all things non-elephant six for a while, I know it can be a little much at times.

    #1 Hits Explosion Tracklist:
    01. Energy
    02. Go!
    03. Strawberryfire
    04. Tidal Wave
    05. Please
    06. The Rainbow
    07. Seems So
    08. Same Old Drag
    09. The Bird That You Can’t See
    10. Shine a Light
    11. 20 Cases Suggestive Of…
    12. Ruby
    13. Signal in the Sky
    14. Can You Feel It?
    15. Winter Must Be Cold
    16. Sun Is Out