Jimi Hendrix biopic in the works?

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With biopics, or at least news about biopics, becoming the popular trend these days and the 40th anniversary of Woodstock having recently been celebrated, it not surprising to hear that the movie industry may soon make another attempt at bringing one of Woodstock’s greatest artists to the silver screen.

The news comes from The Playlist, which reports that Legendary Pictures, the company behind such films as Beerfest and Watchmen, has begun work on a biopic about the one and only Jimi Hendrix. Legendary has tapped Max Borenstein (What Is Life Worth?) to write the script and will present it to the Hendrix estate for approval.

All this being said, the idea of a Hendrix biopic is nothing new, with everyone from Outkast’s Andre 3000 to  Quentin Tarantino having been involved in previous attempts to make such a film. The biggest obstacle appears to be Hendrix’s aforementioned estate which is said to be heavily protected by family members. In other words, they either want something really good… or nothing at all.

As The Playlist goes on to note, Legendary does have some experience in the whole guitar God genre. Legendary head and producer Thomas Tull was involved in the upcoming rock documentary It Might Get Loud. Perhaps he can work his Voodoo again…

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