Guns N’ Roses to perform in India? What a tour!

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Update: Now it looks like the band’s set to hit Taiwan and Japan, too, and sometime in December. Someone took this snapshot of the random ticketing center, which can be accessed here. Take it with a bag of salt, folks. Don’t go booking those flights just yet.

If you believe some Asian newspaper, then Axl Rose and the Hired Guns (also known in some circles as Guns N’ Roses) will descend upon India — Bengaluru, to be exact.

“Yes, it is true that we are bringing Guns N’ Roses to India,” says Raj Sinha, director of Rhapsody Inc., of the unlikely news. “As of now, I can tell you that the Bengaluru concert has been confirmed. We’re still in talks with people in Mumbai and Delhi, so let’s hope that works out. However, there is a good chance we can take the band to Shillong as well.”

Sinha’s Rhapsody Inc. is not the Rhapsody we’re quite familiar with (yet never use), but instead, a part of Chromosome Production Pvt. Ltd, which in the past has organized concerts by musicians like A.R. Rahman and Jagjit Singh. In a classic case of “shoulda done your research,” it seems as if Sinha and Rhapsody Inc. seem overall pleased with the decision, as if a.) Axl Rose commits to anything other than being non-existent, and b.) people actually want a tour with the current line up (y’know, the one with that rude and crude DJ Ashba?). Though, maybe it’s different in India.

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