Ian Brown and Johnny Marr team up for new album?

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    How’s this for a collaboration? Former Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown is planning to write and record an album with former Smith/current Cribs guitarist Johnny Marr.

    We’re not kidding.

    “The idea is that Johnny writes the music and I write the words and the melodies,” Brown told BBC News of the collaboration. “We’ve got a mutual friend who’s writing a drama series. One of them’s about ticket touts, another one’s about grafters — kids who sell T-shirts and things like that — and another one’s about pickpockets. We’re going to get together and do the soundtrack for these dramas. We’d have to bring a drummer or a bass player in.”

    And that basically sums it up… for now at least. Well, aside from the fact that when you think about it, this collaboration isn’t all too surprising.

    As the BBC goes on to note, the two legendary musicians were childhood friends who almost formed a band together if it wasn’t for those Stone Roses.”He wanted me to sing and asked a mutual friend, but said ‘I won’t poach another guitarist’s singer,” Marr explained.

    Fortunately, given the state of said band, he can now. And that he will. As always, more info as it becomes available.