Juliana Hatfield finds Peace and Love on new studio album

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    As the press release that arrived at the ol’ CoS inbox the other evening explains, following the release of her 2008 effort How To Walk Away, Juliana Hatfield purchased her brother’s eight-track digital recorder and moved into a Cambridge apartment with a back room that had excellent natural acoustics. So, naturally, “the time was right to begin work on her 11th full-length effort, as the former Blake Babies bassist explains, “I was able to follow every instinct without worrying that anyone was going to think it was a kooky idea,” she recalls. “I just wanted to do something simple.”

    What she came up with is something Peace and Love and is described as “an incredibly intimate collection of songs, expertly capturing the loneliness and collateral damage borne of broken relationships yet adamantly refusing to remain broken.” In total, there are 12 tracks, all of which were self-produced and engineered. Hatfield also played all the instruments herself, including acoustic and electric guitars, piano, harmonica and drum machine.

    Pick Peace and Love up beginning February 16th via her personal imprint Ye Olde Records.

    Peace and Love Tracklist:
    01. Peace and Love
    02. The End Of The War
    03. Why Can’t We Love Each Other
    04. Butterflies
    05. What Is Wrong
    06. Unsung
    07. Evan
    08. Let’s Go Home
    09. I Picked You Up
    10. Faith In Our Friends
    11. I’m Disappearing
    12. Dear Anonymous