Check Out: “The Top 13” albums of the decade

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“Top” lists are nothing new. And as we’ll again find out soon enough (once we post our Top Albums and Songs of the decade lists in the weeks ahead), they often lead to quite a bit of debate and disagreement.

Then there’s the recently launched “The Top 13” project. Put together by some longtime readers of Consequence of Sound, the project seeks to have readers and “some very special guests” take turns ranking the best of music, movies, current events, sports, and more. Essentially, a topic, like “Top Albums of the Decade,” is opened for submission. In turn, readers submit their “top 13” (note the name of of the project). Then, “The Top 13” adds up the submissions and compiles them in a collective list, thus eliminating most of the aforementioned debate and disagreement (or at least we like to think.)

One of “The Top 13″‘s first list was the “Top 13” Albums of the Decade. And as we can learn from the over 360 readers who submitted their lists, Radiohead is pretty popular. So, while you’re waiting for our lists, go and check out theirs.

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