The Soft Pack announces new album details

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    Earlier this month, San Diego’s The Soft Pack gave us a taste of what is to come when it unveiled its newest and greatest single, “Answer to Yourself”. Come February 2nd, you’ll finally be able to pony up to the table of the much hyped indie rockers and divulge on their debut studio album.

    The self-titled affair is the band’s first foray into the full-length realm, having only previously released singles and EPs under this name and their old Muslims moniker. Their no frills brand of rock has been likened to the Strokes, but The Soft Pack’s sound is truly its own and culls from a number of well-received acts. As a result, since forming in 2008, the band has caught the attention of more than a few folks and has shared the stage with everyone from The Breeders to Phoenix, played SXSW 2009, and had a recent jaunt through Europe sponsored by NME. Plus, we really like them. So, you can see where all the hype is coming from.

    The album itself promises to be a rapid fire effort of smart rock and will feature their previously released standout track “Parasites” as well as a song titled “Mexico”, a song in which the band decides to slow things down (but like slowing down from a mad dash to a brisk sprint).

    You can also download “Answer To Yourself” for free here and take a peek at the song’s video at Stereogum. Out in December will be a 12″ featuring “Answer to Yourself” and “C’Mon” with b-sides “Eat Gold” and “Faith Man”. The album itself is out February 2nd, 2010 on Kemado Records.

    The Soft Pack Tracklist:
    01. C’mon
    02. Down On Loving
    03. Answer to Yourself
    04. Move Along
    05. Pull Out
    06. More Or Less
    07. Tides of Time
    08. Flammable
    09. Mexico
    10. Parasites