Pixies members make music, ask you to make it better

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    ‘Tis the season and all, but we’re afraid we’re going to have to smash that dream where you join the Pixies onstage at some mid-size theater for a rousing edition of “Crackity Jones”. But being the merrymakers they are, you can now take music made by members of the band and do with it whatever you please.  Seriously, whatever.

    The project is the brainchild of Pixies members David Lovering and Joey Santiago under the moniker The Everybody. So, here’s how it works: The duo have released its album Avatar. You can buy the album like usual; that’s not the news. But the duo is also offering a “Creative Commons licensed, royalty-free package of stems for sale.” For $4, you can get the MP3 album plus artwork and mixing faders. For $10, you can nab all that and two bonus tracks in MP3 and FLAC format. And the granddaddy package, for a mere $40, offers the aforementioned plus free stems in WAV format and the “legal right to create new songs and mixes from these stems and sell them,” That means, when you’re rolling in the bank, you haven’t got to share a single dime. Buy yourself two motorboats, my friend!

    But since this could potentially skyrocket you into music stardom, the band is only asking that those who do buy the $40 package take their new creations and upload them onto Soundcloud. The boys are then going to release an album of everyone’s song called The Everybody Else sometime in spring 2010.


    To buy the album or download it for (again, for free; you’re welcome), go here. And when you’ve made some studio magic, don’t forget to register to upload your song.

    Merry Christmas.

    Avatar Tracklist:
    01. Surf Spy
    02. You Got That
    03. Stranger in Hawaii
    04. Who Loves The Sun
    05. Lonely Cholo
    06. Double Agent
    07. Marooned
    08. Concrete
    09. Waterfall Ahead

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