Love is All rolls in 2010 with Two Thousand and Ten Injuries

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    New decade, new label, new album. That’s the case for Swedish indie rockers Love is All, who will release their third album through Polyvinyl Records (Of Montreal, Japandroids). The appropriately titled Two Thousand and Ten Injuries will be released on March 23rd.

    The five-piece band, which has also previously been the subject of a CoS Listen, recorded its followup to 2008’s A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night with The Aislers Set’s Wyatt Cusick served as producer along with the band members themselves. It was worked on in their Gothenburg studio last summer.

    In addition to the usual means of distribution, the album will be available in not one, but three different 180-gram vinyl versions. There will be the classic black vinyl version as well as limited edition white vinyl and yellow vinyl versions. Both the white and yellow vinyl will only have 500 copies each with the yellow being available in Europe only.

    The first track to be released from the album, “Kungen”, can be heard below as well as on the band’s MySpace page. The song is about the time lead singer Josephine Olausson spotted the king of Sweden on the streets of Gothenburg (via P4k).

    loveisall1 Love is All rolls in 2010 with Two Thousand and Ten Injuries


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    Two Thousand and Ten Injuries Tracklist:
    01. Bigger Bolder
    02. Repetition
    03. Never Now
    04. Less Than Thrilled
    05. Early Warnings
    06. False Pretense
    07. The Birds Were Singing With All Their Might
    08. Again, Again
    09. Kungen
    10. A Side in a Bed
    11. Dust
    12. Take Your Time

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