Apparatjik makes full-length & live debut

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    As promised, Apparatjik, which is of course the new super project from Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman, Mew frontman Jonas Bjerre, and a-ha guitarist/keyboardist Magne Furuholmen (how many more times do I have to keep saying that?), released its debut album and made its live debut yesterday.

    The album, titled We Are Here, is now available for digital download via the band’s online shop. A physical version will be also be available and will come packaged with a yet-to-be-detailed DVD. Plus, if you were pre-order, you would receive a free digital download version of the album immediately, so that might be the approach to take!

    The live performance, which took place in Berlin, did in fact prove to be quite creative. Though the current YouTube videos are a bit shaky in quality (and it’s hard to tell if they actually played in a cube), the trio appeared to take full advantage of lighting and a transparent curtain/box of some sort. Video evidence below…

    We Are Here Tracklist:
    01. Deadbeat
    02. Datascroller
    03. Snow Crystals
    04. Supersonic Sound
    05. Arrow and Bow
    06. In A Quiet Corner
    07. Josie
    08. Antlers
    09. Electric Eye
    10. Look Kids
    11. Quiz Show