Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper = The Gruesome Twosome Tour!

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    In shock rock, there are various avenues that artists will traverse in salvaging reactions from audiences: For Manson, it was the perversion of the religious status quo in the ’90s; for Sutter Kain, it is the gross out factor with abortions aplenty; for Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper, it has always been good ol’ fashioned b-movie horror theatrics. Fifteen years have gone into talks about touring together, and it finally seems as though Dracula and Frankenstein’s houseboy are taking a united front — two generations of shock on stage for a limited time in Canada. Someone phone Wayne and Garth, we’re traveling beyond Wisconsin to the Great White North!

    Titled the “Gruesome Twosome Tour,” April 26th sees our Halloween maven Rob Zombie pit a little Hellbilly Deluxe 2 against the old school Alice Cooper and his ilk. The tour itself, though only a few dates in length, is a general kick-start point for both acts as Zombie preps for his co-headline summer stint on the 3rd Annual Mayhem Festival alongside KoRn and Lamb Of God, and Alice Cooper begins his “Theatre Of Deathmarch across North America and Europe for a good chunk of 2010. Via the press release from Roadrunner Records, here is what both freaks had to say about it all (though Zombie appears more bent on selling this sucker than just performing it):

    “The dream or the nightmare comes true!  Me and The Coop have been talking about touring together for the last 15 years and finally the moment is here.  This will be without a doubt a Rock ‘N’ Roll Spooktacular for all the Cool Ghouls.” ~ Rob Zombie


    “I’m looking forward to theses concerts with Rob.  It’s sort of like Dracula Vs. Frankenstein.  We’re like this generation’s classic monsters.  When we’re not onstage frightening audiences, we’ll be backstage trying to scare each other.” ~ Alice Cooper

    Zombie has had his hands full for sometime thus far, finally getting Hellbilly Deluxe 2 off the ground and promoting Halloween 2 via XBOX Live while being put in the line-up to direct an episode of CSI: Miami for some reason. All in good fun and good business… Cooper has resigned to commercials, Jesus, a Wayne’s World cameo for years and this man practically invented theatrical modern shock rock. I say if you want a good time you trek it to Canada, but if you cannot move your undead ass fast enough just snag a ticket for Cooper or Mayhem this summer.

    Go on then, feed your Frankenstein monsters.

    Gruesome Twosome 2010 Tour Dates:
    04/26 Winnipeg, MB @ MTS Centre
    04/27 Saskatoon, SK @ Credit Union
    04/28 Edmonton, AB @ Rexall Place
    04/29 Calgary, AB @ Corral
    05/01 Vancouver, BC @ Pacific Coliseum
    05/02 Kennewick, WA @ Toyota Center
    05/04 Casper, WY @ Casper Events Center


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