Coming to an Xbox near you: Jimi Hendrix!


    It seems like the word is getting even more new Jimi Hendrix material.

    Rumors of a Hendrix sex tape are swirling around the Internet, and Valley’s of Neptune, his first disc of new material in 42 years, was released on March 9th.

    Now his 1967 album, Axis: Bold As Love, will be available as downloadable content on Rock Band this Tuesday. (Sorry PS3 users, you have to wait until April 1st).

    While videogame geeks and Hendrix worshippers salivate over the chance to use their plastic axes to tear through “Little Wing”, the experience may leave some wanting more.


    Necromancers who want to slip into Hendrix’s virtual skin and bastardize his best songs from the comfort of their La-Z-Boys are going to have to settle for South Park’s Eric Cartman singing Lady Gaga.

    Avoiding a Kurt Cobain-esque controversy, Rolling Stone reports that Rock Band still hasn’t worked out the details of creating a Jimi Hendrix avatar with Janie Hendrix.  She is the CEO of Experience Hendrix — the family company responsible for managing the legend’s image and music estate.

    While the new single “Valleys of Neptune” is available in the package, fan’s won’t be able to recreate the distorted madness of the album’s opening track, “EXP”, which was omitted from the download.


    Indiviual songs will be available for $1.99 and the entire package will retail for $19.99

    Axis: Bold as Love -  Rock Band Edition Tracklist:
    01. Up From the Skies
    02. Spanish Castle Magic
    03. Wait Until Tomorrow
    04. Ain’t No Telling
    05. Little Wing
    06. If 6 Was 9
    07. You Got Me Floatin’
    08. Castles Made of Sand
    09. She’s So Fine
    10. One Rainy Wish
    11. Little Miss Lover
    12. Bold As Love
    13. Valleys of Neptune *

    * = Bonus Track