Animal Collective wants to keep you tripping


    If you’re worried that your Animal Collective induced acid trip may be coming to an end, fret no more. The Brooklyn oddballs just announced east coast screenings of their 53-minute “visual album,” ODDSAC.  If one viewing isn’t enough for your sick little mind, the film will be shown back-to-back in Philadelphia, Boston, Silver Springs, Chapel Hill, and Atlanta.

    The movie, which features brand new music from the band, will be released on DVD on June 29th, but it’s safe to say that this is a movie you’ll want to see in a theater with a bunch of other hipsters people. (Where’s the Kool-Aid?)

    Tickets prices for all but one show have been announced. This trip with Animal Collective will cost you $15, unless you live in Philly where tickets are only $8 for adults.  (Who would bring their kids to this?)


    There will be a Q&A session with director Danny Perez and members Animal Collective for anyone who survives the onslaught of audio-visual stimulation.

    Oddsac Screenings w/ members of Animal Collective and Danny Perez
    04/16 – Philadelphia, PA@ International House (7p.m./9p.m.)
    04/17 – Baltimore, MD @ Senator Theatre (8p.m.)
    04/19 – Amherst, MA @ Hampshire College (
    04/20 – Boston, MA @ Brattle Theatre (8:30p.m./10:30p.m.)
    04/21 – Silver Springs, MD @ AFI Silver Theatre (8p.m./10p.m)
    04/23 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Varsity Theatre (7p.m./9p.m.)
    04/26 – Atlanta, GA @ Plaza Theatre (7p.m./9p.m.)
    05/13 – London, UK @ ICA London (8p.m.)