Green Day: Rock Band issues tracklist


    It’s still a good two months off, but for those salivating over Green Day: Rock Band, here’s a piece of news that’ll make or break your decision. The tracklist!

    As Rock It Out! Blog reports, “The game, which is in stores on June 8, features 47 songs from the some of the band’s biggest albums including Dookie, Nimrod, American Idiot and Insomniac.”

    If you’re like any older fan, you’re probably wondering, “Where the hell is Kerplunk or 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours?” One can only pray they will be forthcoming downloads, which if The Beatles game is any indication, they will be.


    It sort of seems like they’re kind of lacking in the creativity department, as well. Just take a look at this bite of news (via Rock It! Out):

    The game also features three different venues that represent different times in Green Day’s career. A warehouse to symbolize Green Day’s early years, Milton Keynes, which is a U.K. concert made famous in Green Day’s 2005 film Bullet In A Bible and Oakland’s Fox Theater where the band played an intimate concert when they premiered their album 21st Century Breakdown.

    A warehouse? One festival venue? And Fox Theater? That sounds pretty minor; not to mention, they couldn’t come up with something better than “a warehouse”? What about the house parties? Woodstock ’94? The myriad of secret shows between ’98 and ’04? Just look back at the guy’s history! Open Wikipedia even! With only three venues — that’s including “a warehouse” — it seems like they really rushed this thing.


    Regardless, come June 8th, you wouldn’t want to be my neighbor. It’s just a shame we won’t be able to jam on “Christie Road” just yet. Oh well!

    Green Day: Rock Band Tracklist:
    “Having a Blast”
    “Sassafrass Roots”
    “When I Come Around”
    “Coming Clean”
    “Welcome to Paradise”
    “Emenius Sleepus”
    “Pulling Teeth”
    “In the End”
    “Basket Case”

    American Idiot
    “American Idiot”
    “She’s a Rebel”
    “Jesus of Suburbia”
    “Extraordinary Girl”
    “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”
    “Wake Me Up When September Ends”
    “Are We the Waiting?
    “St. Jimmy”
    “Give Me Novocaine”



    “Hitchin’ a Ride”
    “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”
    “Nice Guys Finish Last”

    “Brain Stew” / “Jaded”
    “Geek Stink Breath”

    21st Century Breakdown
    “Song of the Century”
    “¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)”
    “21st Century Breakdown”
    “Restless Heart Syndrome”
    “Before the Lobotomy”
    “Horseshoes and Handgrenades”
    “Last Night on Earth”
    “The Static Age”
    “American Eulogy”
    “Murder City”
    “See the Light”