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So, at this point, you’re only a few hours away from the start of Memorial Day Weekend, aka the unofficial start of summer, aka a three-day vacation for us bloggers even though we’ll probably still be posting throughout the weekend. Let’s celebrate the occasion with another edition of our Friday Mixtape. As has been the case for previous 104 editions, below you’ll find a mix of the best new singles, remixes, and covers, along with mp3s from some up-and-comers you just might want to check out. Enjoy! … And we’ll see you on Tuesday… or Monday… or Sunday… or Saturday… or whenever you feel like logging onto your computer and getting the scoop on the latest music news, reviews, and festival updates [shameless Internet plug]. Peace y’all!

NEW Singles:

Covers, Remixes, and all that JAZZ:

Something to CHECK OUT:

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