Johnny Marr records score for new Leonardo DiCaprio flick


    Johnny Marr may be the only man who can rival Jack White in musical versatility. He currently plays in The Cribs. A year ago he played in Modest Mouse. Before that he was with some other band. Nowadays he records film soundtracks on the side. Back in December we reported on him scoring the upcoming Antonio Banderas film The Big Bang and now he’s back with the soundtrack to Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest, Inception. Check out the tracklist and trailer below, which features some pretty dramatic music.

    Marr plays guitar on a soundtrack written by legendary film composer Hans Zimmer, who you may remember from his work on every movie ever made. “I enjoyed working on Inception and it’s a great soundtrack,” Marr said. “Hans invited me and he’s someone I’ve wanted to work with for a long time. We really got into it, it’s a really good movie.”

    “My goal for the score was to create a complete sonic world to immerse the audience—big waves of sound that connect the different layers of dreaming but really focus on a simple emotional thread,” Zimmer said in a recent interview.


    If you’ve been to the theaters recently, you’ve probably caught the bizarre trailer (embedded below). DiCaprio’s character creates dreams, puts people in them, and then steals their secrets. Pretty soon the dreams start to fall apart, because this is the only logical conclusion to such a logical premise. This all culminates in dramatically yelling, “The dream’s collapsing!” which, it’s worth noting, sounds like the title of a Smiths song.

    Inception hits theaters July 16th. The soundtrack drops on CD and digital three days earlier and on vinyl August 3rd (via AntiMusic).

    Inception: Music from the Motion Picture Tracklist:
    01. Half Remembered Dream
    02. We Built Our Own World
    03. Dream Is Collapsing
    04. Radical Notion
    05. Old Souls
    06. 528491
    07. Mombassa
    08. One Simple Idea
    09. Dream Within A Dream
    10. Waiting for a Train
    11. Paradox
    12. Time
    13. Projections (bonus track)
    14. Don’t Think About Elephants (bonus track)


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