Check Out: The Concretes – “Good Evening”


    It’s hard to argue that The Concretes haven’t earned their keep. They released their debut album, Boyoubetterunow, 10 years ago, and the Swedes from Stockholm were indie-rock before there was even such a thing. They bounced back after singer Victoria Bergsman left in 2006, and now they’re finally gearing up to release their first album in three years. WYWH will hit the shelves on November 8th via Friendly Fire Records. It’s the band’s sixth album and the second featuring Lisa Miliberg behind the mic. Miliberg was the band’s original drummer and first took over singing duties on 2007’s Hey Trouble.

    A press release calls WYWH a disco album with “less guitar, more keyboards, more bass, twitching percussion, and some good old cowbell,” and leadoff track “Good Evening” delivers on all of those claims. It’s less pop than anything on 2007’s Hey Trouble and is littered with synthesizers and both live and programmed percussion. The guitar is limited to a few distorted swells, and the six-minute track takes its time building into a somewhat danceable tune. You can check the track out below courtesy of MBV music.

    Check Out:
    “Good Evening”

    WYWH Tracklist:
    01. Good Evening
    02. My Ways
    03. Crack in the Paint
    04. I Wish We’d Never Met
    05. All Day
    06. What We’ve Become
    07. Oh My Love
    08. Knck Knck
    09. Sing For Me
    10. WYWH