End of Week Recap: October 18-22


    The following might sound a tad self-serving, but I can’t resist.

    New York’s annual CMJ Music Marathon more or less took over the lives of much of the music industry. And though much of our staff were among those attendees, covering the festivities, braving copious amounts of buzz bands, hipsters, industry insiders, and PBR, somehow we managed to write about a lot of other stuff this week too.

    That said, this recap hardly does these past few days justice. Below you’ll find a generous sampling of recent happenings in the music world.

    Daft Punk performed for the first time in three years.

    Ari Up, lead vocalist of iconic punk group The Slits, passed away. She was 48 years old.

    Beastie Boys detailed their new LP.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers revealed some big plans for 2011.

    Thom Yorke will collaborate with other luminaries for a charity “silent single.”

    — We compared album cover art . Whose did you think was better? Nicki Minaj or Kid Cudi?

    The “incredible” new Willow Smith video dropped.

    — The HullabaLOU Music Festival is no more.

    — An early White Stripes single sold for more than the price of a small car.

    Sufjan Stevens and Lil Wayne topped the charts.

    Joanna Newsom denied the rumor of a Simpsons appearance.

    Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard played a Playoff game.

    U2 announced a collaboration with Danger Mouse.

    Crystal Castles posted tour dates. And lots of them.

    Kings of Leon offered “dick bands” some advice.

    CBGBs went on sale. Any takers?

    The Cars will reunite for a new studio LP.

    Kanye West demanded an “instant replay clock.”

    Die Antwoord finally put out a proper debut. Winston Robbins reviewed it.

    Weezer released their “odds and ends” collection titled Death to False Metal. Get Michael Roffman’s take on it here.


    Interpol inspired ”sing-alongs” at their recent gig  in Pomona, CA. Philip Cosores was there.

    — We hosted a kick-off party at CMJ we affectionately called Conflict of Interest. If you couldn’t make it, don’t worry because Joe Marvilli did. We also have a video recap!

    — Cosores also found time this week to take a look at music in films in a piece titled, appropriately enough, “From Dylan to Daft Punk: A History of Pop Music at the Movies.”


    E.N. May got the “skinny” on MoogFest.

    — Harry Painter and Ted Maider took on Treasure Island.

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