Hercules and Love Affair ready new album, Blue Songs


    In March 2008, Hercules and Love Affair, the side project of DJ Andy Butler and a number of rotating musicians, came together to conquer the land of disco music with their self-titled debut. For the collective’s second album, Blue Songs, their first release since last July’s DJ mixes entitled Sidetracked, they are bringing along even more friends to get lost in the sweaty magic of it all. Saturday Night Fever‘s got nothing on this amalgamation of freak-tastic musicians.

    According to Pitchfork, the list of album contributors includes Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke (on the track “Step Up”) along with Venezuelan singer Aerea Negrot and HLA standby singer Kim Ann Foxman. Also, as one of the greatest fan. There are even fans involved, as Shaun Wright has gone from admirer to collaborator. Turns out that’s just one of the perks of being in their fan club.

    Blue Songs is scheduled to hit UK outlets on January 31st via Moshi Moshi. No word yet on the North American release, but stay tuned for more details as they’re announced.


    Blue Songs Tracklist:
    01. Painted Eyes
    02. My House
    03. Answers Come in Dreams
    04. Leonora
    05. Boy Blue
    06. Falling
    07. I Can’t Wait
    08. Step Up
    09. Visitor
    10. It’s Alright

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