The Glass to give birth to first album


    How’s this for a pitch: two DJ’s and label heads, one residing in Manhattan and the other in Berlin — but both natives of Dublin — are putting out an electro pop album which borrows its title from a World War II-era Irish metafiction novel. Phew. Got that?

    A pretty ambitious statement for the duo’s debut LP. The Glass, the collaboration between Dom Keegan and Glen “DJ Wool” Brady, will release At Swim Two Birds November 16th on Keegan’s label Plant Music, which he co-runs with Adrian “Stretch Armstrong” Bartos in New York.

    The release is the band’s second major release and first full-length. The Glass signed on London producers Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream, Manic Street Preachers) and Peter Wade (Jennifer Lopez, Santana, Lindsay Lohan) to helm several of the tracks. Why the title? Keegan likes birds and Brady likes swimming. Round of applause for that.


    The full tracklist is below, and expect tour dates in the near future.

    At Swim Two Birds Tracklist:
    01. Four Four Letter
    02. Pheromone
    03. Wanna Be Dancin’
    04. Washed Up
    05. Is it Me?
    06. Heavy Disco
    07. Atmosphere
    08. Michael McDonald
    09. Superhero<!–
    10. Surrender

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