Watch: The Glass – “Four Four Letter” (CoS Premiere)


    If you missed our last announcement, The Glass are comprised of Dom Keegan and Glen “DJ Wool” Brady, two DJs and label heads that reside in opposing locations (Manhattan and Berlin) but that have come together to make an electro pop album. If you’re wondering what kind of a material we can expect from this truly unique working relationship, you’re about to find out with the video for the track “Four Four Letter”, off their upcoming debut full-length, At Swim Two Birds.

    If they’re synth-heavy, low-key electro pop has any effect on you, it’s probably to get up and dance (but very hip-like and in a rather solemn fashion.) However, it appears the video may be offering up another activity in lieu of getting down: snorting coke. Like, lots and lots of coke. Also, drinking Jack Daniels between lines. The video’s plot then delves into… actually, nothing; the dude just gets more and mare haggard as he does more blow and then he ends up driving off to probably get more drugs. The End. Sure, it doesn’t sound like much, but the dance-friendly beat and black and white footage almost make it look sexy. That or The Glass have just made the first electro pop drug PSA.

    Check out the video below. At Swim Two Birds is now available via Keegan’s Plant Music.


    At Swim Two Birds Tracklist:
    01. Four Four Letter
    02. Pheromone
    03. Wanna Be Dancin’
    04. Washed Up
    05. Is it Me?
    06. Heavy Disco
    07. Atmosphere
    08. Michael McDonald
    09. Superhero
    10. Surrender

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