Confirmed: The Mountain Goats record a death metal album


    Update: The album has been confirmed. Titled All Eternals Deck, the 13-track record will be released on March 29th via Merge Records. You can read Darnielle’s description of the record here. Tracklist below.

    Update #2: Per Darnielle’s Twitter: “should quash speculation that All Eternals Deck is death metal, it isn’t. tMG can’t play DM ’til I master guttural death growl i.e. ca. 2015.” Oh well.

    While John Darnielle has sung about metal in the past, such as in “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton” or “Marduk T-Shirt Men’s Room Incident”, he’s yet to offer any honest-to-goodness metal himself. However, this all may change with the release of the just-finished new Mountain Goats album.


    Per Pitchfork, the as-yet-untitled effort will have at least some semblance of metal to it as the LP was recorded with former Morbid Angel guitarist and current Hate Eternal frontman Erik Rutan. Darnielle announced the news on his Twitter earlier today, writing “4 sessions/4 studios, FL to MA. thirteen songs escaped alive Laurie Strode-style” and then followed it up with the video you can watch above, where he introduces the collaborators from his Florida recording sessions: Mountain Goats regular bassist Peter Hughes, Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster, engineer Brandon Eggleston, and “death metal consultant” Erik Rutan.

    If all that ain’t metal enough, we suggest standing between two speakers and blasting Master of Puppets.

    All Eternals Deck Tracklist:
    01. Damn These Vampires
    02. Birth of Serpents
    03. Estate Sale Sign
    04. Age of Kings
    05. The Autopsy Garland
    06. Beautiful Gas Mask
    07. High Hawk Season
    08. Prowl Great Cain
    09. Sourdoire Valley Song
    10. Outer Scorpion Squadron
    11. For Charles Bronson
    12. Never Quite Free
    13. Liza Forever Minnelli