Audiography: Episode 002: “Texas Garage & Psychedelia, part 2”


    In this edition of Audiography we continue our exploration of the Texas Garage and Psychedelic Scenes. This time however we shift our focus to Houston and International Artists, the second of the two important labels associated with the development of the Texas scene.

    We begin our story almost in the same place as we began episode one, with the Bad Seeds. Only this time we follow Bad Seed Rod Prince to San Antonio and the formation of Bubble Puppy, the highest charting band for International Artists.

    From here we continue with the Golden Dawn and the Lost and Found, two bands whose sound is so much like their primary influence the 13th Floor Elevators, that many thought all three bands were one and the same.


    And we conclude this episode with Endle St. Cloud, an eccentric Houston outfit that were given their big break as International Artists tried in vain to find another act as successful as the Bubble Puppy.

    Featured Music:
    01. The Bubble Puppy – “Hot Smoke and Sassafras”
    02. The Bubble Puppy – “Days of Our Time”
    03. Demian – “A Face In the Crowd”
    04. The Golden Dawn – “Starvation”
    05. The Lost and Found – “Don’t Fall Down”
    06. Endle St. Cloud – “Like a Badge”
    07. Endle St. Cloud – “Jessica”

    CoS Podcast Audiography Episode 002 – “Texas Garage and Psychedelia, part 2
    Written and Produced by Len Comaratta



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