Check Out: Extra Life – “Ripped Heart” (CoS Premiere)


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    Art-pop is an underrated label to describe Extra Life and their contemporaries. To say that pop music that confounds expectations is immediately ‘artsy’ seems to imply a getting-off point for those uninterested in the unexpected curve-balls and surprises that delight Extra Life’s tracks. I guess “art” is needed to signify something that requires the listener to be more of an active participation. But do offer your time to the track “Ripped Heart”. It’s worth it.

    The title track, off the forthcoming Ripped Heart EP due out April 5th, clings to its poppy hooks and transitions down a winding path of postprog ideas, all while wearing its heart on its sleeve. Take the time with the track below.

    Ripped Heart will see a limited 12″ release on Last Things Records, which will also include a digital download and remixes of the four tracks by Larel Halo, Xiu Xiu, Liturgy, and Former Ghosts.


    Extra Life will head out on Spring tours with Deerhoof and Portland’s Parenthetical Girls in Europe and U.S. respectively. Dates for those tours are forthcoming, so stay tuned.

    Ripped Heart EP Tracklist:
    01. Strong Brother, Weak Brother
    02. Run Cold
    03. Ripped Heart
    04. Elegy

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