Freeebird #37 – Montreal Je T’aime

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    Cluster 1, meet bleubird – indie rapper and amateur documentarian traveling North America in a tricked-out RV and filming his journey for your amusement.  He’s been making these bad boys since July of 2010 and shows no signs of stopping. Check out his intro to the show, just for Cluster 1 HERE.

    In this episode, Bleubird leaves NYC behind for his old stomping ground across the boarder – Canada! Here’s what the Bird has to say:

    I was so ready to get turned away at the border that I was scoping out interesting campsites in upstate NY during the entire drive up. The immigration officer literally said, ” Where do you think you’re going with this thing?”. I simply told him, Montreal is one of my favorite cities in North America, and I’m going to get some footage for my blog.” He gave me a bewildered look and waved me through. I was so unprepared that Iwas calling people from on the bridge like, “Hey…um so I’m about five minutes away from the city…what’s going on this weekend!” My favorite part had to be pulling up in front of Tonto’s house completely unannounced, he just happened to be walking out the door…the look on his face at the site of me coupled with his giant bird painting wrapped on the side of the Freeebird van was priceless. The fun ensued.


    Check out the musical gatherings up on Mount Royal, Live Action Role-Playing, and the 2010 Under Pressure Festival

    Tune in to Cluster 1 to follow Bleubird on his journeys  Follow him on twitter too, and see where he’s traveling to next @bleubirdy.

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