Kill Devil Hills Part 4 : “Millenniums of Murder”

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    Hidden in a dusty basement and trapped on VHS for the last 35 years, Kill Devil Hills is an electrifying old school Saturday morning series that never was! “Millenniums of Murder? is the final part in an animated music video quadrilogy narrating the secret society/ super spy mayhem of Ill Bill and DJ Muggs collab album, Kill Devil Hills. Creative collective, MoreFrames – aka Adam Calfee, Gus Trauth, Jordan Held, and Ron Levellie do Hanna-Barbera and Jack Kirby proud with this epic retro espionage action.

    Everything has been leading up to this moment -  Questions are answered. New questions are left unanswered and MoreFrames delivers a finale that’ll leave you screaming.

    Part 1: Cult Assassin
    Part 2: “Kill Devil Hills”
    Part 3: “Illuminati 666”