Today on Cluster 1: CoS News, Black Hole, The Thermals, James Blake, Alex Winston, & more! (2/2)

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    It’s Groundhog Day. Fortunately for us, we won’t be waking up to the summery sounds of Sonny & Cher again and again and again. We can’t speak for you, though. What we can do is offer one grateful plate of digital media, everything from news updates to short films to the hottest music videos around. If you’re snowed in, like we are here in the Midwest, then here’s your digital lifeboat. Paddle slowly, folks.


    –The face of Cluster 1 and CoS News, Sami Jarroush, has a bunch of new updates, stories include: Hangout Music Festival information and release information on Foo Fighters, Fleet Foxes, and U2! You can check that out here!

    Short Films:

    -Read graphic novels and comics? If you’re into the cult indie serials, then perhaps you’re familiar with Black Hole? Dark, sleek, gritty, and unforgiving, the Harvey-winning graphic novels depicts the story of sexually transmitted diseases spreading throughout a suburban community, causing horrific mutations. While director David Fincher has been circling over it for a couple years now, filmmaker Rupert Sanders beat him to the punch with his captivating short film. Primarily known for his video game commercials, let’s just say Mr. Sanders has a bright (or rather dark?) filmography ahead of him. Check it out in our Channel! Oh, NSFW, at all.


    Music Videos:

    -What’s with all the VHS nostalgia these days? First Kill Devil Hills, now comes Alex Winston’s new video. Off her album, Sister Wife, new single “Locomotive” gets some creepy imagery in the vintage VHS format, paying homage to a format that dominated media for quite some time, clogging our shelf space and breaking many a VCR.

    -The second part of Ill Bill and DJ Mugg’s espionage, animated series Kill Devil Hills is here for viewing! Make sure to check out Part 1: “Cult Assassin” before you dive into Part 2: “Kill Devil Hills”.

    -New cuts from The Thermals (“Never Listen to Me”) and our recent CoS Top Star winner, James Blake (“The Wilhlem Scream”).


    -Don’t forget to check out other new videos from artists such as Chamberlin, Thee Oh Sees and Delicate Steve.

    – Want a constant stream of musical goodness? Check out our Channel, featuring over 30 music videos, several short films, and other nifty clips, all crammed together in one non-stop barrage of visual and aural stimulation.

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