Today on Cluster 1: CoS News (LCD Soundsystem, The Strokes, etc.), Sin Fang, Cloud Nothings, and Tobacco (2/14)

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    Another week has begun here folks, but today is no ordinary start to the week. Just check out the goddamn front page: Radiohead? Jonny Greenwood? Arcade Fire? Queens of the Stone Age? Green Day? In a word… whoa. It also goes without saying that today’s Valentine’s Day. Hopefully all you lovers out there get flowers or chocolates, and manage to snag dinner reservations for you and that special somebody. For those of you lonely fellows, however, we got you covered. In addition to our CoS Valentine’s Day Mixtape, Cluster 1 has some V-Day goodies to enjoy.


    -Our host Sami Jarroush has some new updates on LCD Soundsystem, The Strokes, Buffalo Springfield, and our now dated and off-target Grammy Predictions.

    Music Videos:

    -Sin Fang presents a new surreal and beautiful video for their track “Because of the Blood.” Follow Icelandic skateboarder Sindri Már Sigfússon (aka Sin Fang) as he skateboards with his beard made of doilies and discovers a mysterious rope coming out of the ocean. Only then do further mysteries ensue. The track comes from the band’s album Summer Echoes, which is due to drop on March 15th.


    -Since it’s Valentine’s Day, where would we be without some romantic videos? Luckily, this one has marionettes!  A tale of isolated love in the wilderness is depicted within the new video for Fen’s “Miracle”. FYI, the puppets were constructed by the group out of British Columbia, Mind of A Snail Puppet Co, while the video was directed by filmmakers Andrew Coppin and Laird Pierce.

    -Here is part two of How to Dress Well’s “Suicide Dream”. The experimental music of How To Dress Well (aka Tom Kroll) has been teamed up with the visuals of Jamie Harley, and the two have worked together before (check out Harley’s Vimeo page),  but have teamed up again for the “Suicide Dream” series. Be sure to check out part one of “Suicide Dream” before you subject yourself to the emotional pan and scan of “Suicide Dream Part 2.”

    -The video for Tobacco’s “Super Gum” (NFSW) has been floating around the web for some time now. If you haven’t seen it though, consider this a warning. The video depicts a sad, female version of E.T. (same one that resided in the hills of California with Elliot), as she romps around the 19th century with some attractive men and women, looking for some fun. Where else could you possibly ever see an “erotic mash-up” of E.T. and the Star Trek Next Generation episode “Time’s Arrow”. Only in this video off Tobacco’s 2010 album, Maniac Meat.


    From the weekend:

    “Understand At All” is what you won’t do with this video from the Cloud Nothings. Yes, there are connective elements to suggest a narrative. True, someone involved with production may actually know the story of what’s going on here.  But what is the Phantasm connection?  Does this propose a resolution to the fourth film? Is this a prequel between the Jebediah Morningside flashbacks and the first film?  Does Phantasm not have ANYTHING to do with it at all? You decide! Post your theories.

    -On the new video for “Haze for Days”, the track by Mixel Pixel, filmmaker Lindsay Kovnat takes you to Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and beyond. Here, though, the word of the day is “rave.” “Haze for Days” is off Mixel Pixel‘s latest LP, Highschool is not Hell. The album drops on June 6th, but in the meantime you can listen to the whole album on their Bandcamp.

    -In “Mach Bach”, the new video from Empress Hotel, you have a recipe for a good time no matter what. The band fills their apartment to the brim with 1,500 balloons filled with glitter inside, and then rocks out to trash them with all their might. Director Andrew Stubbs goes on to say, “It was a long and painful setup, but once everything was in place and the camera started rolling it was one of the most fun shoots I’ve had.” The track comes from their EP which will soon be released on Park the Van records.


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