Hot Chip – “I Feel Better”

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    If we rewound the clock about a decade and turned on MTV, we’d be met with a horrifying sight. No, not The Real World. We’d be caught in the era of boy bands. While these groups have mostly faded away (some gone long enough to warrant a reunion tour), there’s still a lingering sense of missed revenge for some people. Peter Serafinowicz’s video for Hot Chip‘s “I Feel Better” is made to fulfill that purpose. A boy band is slowly exterminated in face-offs with a guru-esque performer. Yep, I feel better already!

    Directed by: Peter Serafinowicz
    Produced by: Tamsin Glasson
    Production Company: Colonel Blimp
    Director of Photography: Eric Maddison
    Art Director: Ben Ansell
    Choreographer: David Leighton
    Edited by: James Rose at Cut + Run

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