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    Paul Mawhinney was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Through his 60-plus lifespan, he’s amassed the world’s largest record collection. Combining the albums and singles he owns, it totals around 2.5 million individual pieces. Not only is the scope beyond belief, the rarity of what he has in stock is unbelievable as well. Much of it has never been available on CD. Sadly, it may all go to waste. Paul has diabetes and is legally blind. His store, Record-Rama, was forced to close its doors in February 2008 due to the lagging music industry. Sean Dunne’s documentary is the heartbreaking story of a man who gave his life to music and may be forced to give it up.

    Directed by: Sean Dunne
    Photography: Ed David
    Camera Assistant: Jaime Meyers
    Editor: Galen Summer

    Hat tip to Robyn Kaplan.

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