Today on Cluster 1: C1 News, Coachella, Manchester Orchestra, Art Brut, and much more! (4/20)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert

    As Media Specialist, part of my job requires me to go to the source of the media and document it. After a few days at Coachella, I have returned to Cluster 1 Headquarters to make sure all the newest videos are here for you all to see. Enjoy!


    Cluster 1 News with Sami Jarroush – Updates on Animal Collective, The National, Rage Against the Machine, Arcade Fire, and our Sasquatch contest!


    Instrumental Video #9 – Eventually…DJs will be replaced with robots.

    Nokta – It’s an abstract short-film project with really cool animation, but needless to say, it freaks this guy the fuck out.


    4000 Frames of Fury – Alex Evans creates a Phillip K. Dick style claymation of zombies rising from the grave. The undead are especially scary when the Gorillaz play in the background.

    Another Round:

    Kings Have Long Arms ft. Candie Payne – “Big Umbrella” – Shot in black and white in Manchester, not far from United’s football ground, Ms. [Candy] Payne purposefully strides down back alleys facing grim brickwork, along empty faceless streets and a canal towpath. Some charmingly amateurish and old-fashioned animation lends a couple of colourful interludes to the film noir.

    Music Videos:

    Daedelus – “Sundown (Haunted Dub)” – The last of the Room 205 series in which the DJ conjures up some truly spooky vibes.


    Art Brut – “Last Weekend” – Sometimes music can bring the most eclectic group of people together. The proof lies in this video.

    Kathryn Calder – “Arrow” – Animated video of a post-apocalyptic city, and a character who takes a page out of Noah’s book.

    Grimes – “Vanessa” – It’s the definition of anti-pop….weird choreographed dancing complete with experimental rhythms.


    Manchester Orchestra – “Simple Math” – They say your life flashes before your eyes prior to death, and we experience frontman Andy Hull’s flash in this video that shows what made him the man he is today.

    Alexis – “Lonely Sea” – Alexis sings “You’ve forgotten who you are,” on this track, but looking into something as big as the ocean usually can help you figure it out. Judging by this video, this singer certainly figured things out.

    Ponytail – “Honey Touches” – MENZ, the director of the video, states this clip depicts, “man’s everlasting battle with fruit and the pursuit of making the ultimate smoothie.” CoS’ Joe Marvilli, however, observes, “We think it’s a Fruitopia commercial that never was.”


    Com Truise – “Fairlight” – Nothing like retro ’80s advertisements about the technological future, sewn together by 10lb Pictures to create a sleek, tech-based music video.

    Gemini Club – “Future Tidings” – Personally, I think we need more unprecedented break dancing complete with an all-white suit.

    George Watsky – “Stupidass” – People have always found Coldplay’s “The Scientist” to be a fantastic music video. This video takes that concept, but makes the message a bit more upbeat….primarily by starting it off not with a car crash, but a dude standing naked in a park.


    Mario Basanov & Vidis feat. Jazzu – i’ll be gone” – This is your Polygraph detecting music….it’s way less stressful.

    WhoMadeWho – “Every Minute Alone” – According to The Cure, “Boys don’t cry.” But according to WhoMadeWho, men most certainly cry. See for yourself.

    Gentleman Drivers – “Valdor” – We always sit down for family Christmas dinners to devour our food and remember another year together. Well, what happens when the food decides to devour us? Merry Christmas? More like bah humbug!



    Luke Rathborne – “Dog Years” – There are many activities one must engage in on tour when they aren’t playing music, and this live recording of “Dog Years” encapsulates Rathborne’s life on the road along with the music that takes him on his journey.

    Wakey!Wakey! cover Yeasayer’s “Ambling Alp” [Live] – As part of the Cobra Den Invitational’s, Wakey!Wakey! had “Ambling Alp” stuck in their heads, and ended up replacing the synthesizers with violins. Now there’s a dope cover and a new video series!

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