Today on Cluster 1: Idiot Glee, British Sea Power, Alcoholic Faith Mission, & Britt Daniel (4/23)

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    cluster 1 monitor test400 300x297 Today on Cluster 1: Idiot Glee, British Sea Power, Alcoholic Faith Mission, & Britt Daniel (4/23)

    Music Videos:

    Idiot Glee – “Let’s Get Down Together” - A Cluster 1 Premier! Some trippy kaleidoscope imagery complete with dark overtones….your computer’s music visualizer can suck it.

    British Sea Power – “Who’s in Control” (For No One) – Daniel Ryan’s incredibly rare and intimate video series continues. If you recall, Ryan takes some of the industry’s most popular indie acts and has them play in a live setting of no one. It’s raw, it’s visceral, it’s on Cluster 1.

    Alcoholic Faith Mission – “Legacy” - A Cluster 1 Premier! How to cope when your beloved pet’s time has finally come.


    The Heavenly States ft. Britt Daniel – “Berlin Wall” - In this hand-drawn animation, the tale of Humpty Dumpty becomes a means of social metaphors.

    Lovett – “Eye of the Storm” - In this futuristic punk animation, an estranged airship captain must use his wits to navigate through the stormy weather (think, Little Nemo).

    Delay Trees – “About Brothers” - Watch as one’s drawings come to life from the page, and run rampant around the modern world.


    Moby – “The Day” - What more could you want? You got Moby, Heather Graham as a demon-killing nurse, and loads of Christian undertones. There’s something for everyone here…if only Graham was wearing roller skates.


    Neon Indian – “Heart: Attack” - Part of a three-part instrumental from their sophomore effort….Neon Indian is still kicking.

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