Check Out: The Most Serene Republic – “Home of the Rebels” (CoS Premiere)


    When a song begins with a rain shower, you know it’s going to be sad. But what happens when the rain never stops? It’s not unheard of for a song to feature rain sound effects, but The Most Serene Republic keep it up for four minutes on “Home of the Rebels”.

    The song, which shares its name with MSR’s personal record label, features some gentle acoustic strumming over Adrian Jewett’s unsteady, wounded vocals and all that rain.

    Along with seven other tracks, it will appear on Pre Serene: Thee Oneironauts, which arrives on shelves tomorrow, May 24th. The album, per the title, is a collection of early works from when the band was called Thee Oneironauts.


    “Home of the Rebels” is available as a free download below. While you’re at it, you can download a copy of another album track, “Zoltar Speaks”, at MSR’s website.

    “Home of the Rebels”

    Pre Serene: Thee Oneironauts Tracklists:
    01. Not Even Earth’s Gravitational Pull Can Bring Us Down
    02. Zoltar Speaks
    03. St. Germain
    04. The Breath
    05. Everything Given To You Is Equally Taken Away
    06. Clara Bow
    07. Today Is The Day
    08. Home Of The Rebels

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