Dels – “Trumpalump”

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    Starting off in the black and white, Us’ video for Dels‘ “Trumpalump” soon becomes a study in contrasts. The screen is often split in half, showcasing the gray world next to its colorful alternative. From sneakers to fishbowls to a chessboard, the differences between the two sides are put on display. Soon enough though, the line begins to blur. Dels from the gray landscape walks into the bright red turf and an orange basketball finds its way to the black and white. It’s a simple concept that evolves as time goes on. Never complicated, but always eye-grabbing.

    “Trumpalump” is from Dels’ upcoming debut, GOB, due for release on May 24th.

    Directed by: Us
    Director of Photography: Dave Hallett & Garath Whyte
    Edited by: Chloë Rose Hayward