Today on Cluster 1: The Weepies, Dinner at the Thompson’s, Marissa Nadler, and No Cover! (5/16)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert


    Cluster 1 News with Sami Jarroush – Updates on Pink Floyd, Roger Daltrey, Arcade Fire, Bonnaroo, and more.


    No Cover – Trailer – A Cluster 1 original series! No Cover the story of an up and coming band in modern society premiers on June 1st. For now, enjoy the trailer.


    Undercity – Filmmaker Andrew Wonder and urban historian Steve Duncan dig deep into the world of New York City, both above and below the streets.


    Everything is a Remix – Part 1 – This new four-part documentary explores the modern world of sampling and how it’s become a way of life. Part 1 kicks off talking about the 60s with Led Zeppelin and how there were constantly taking riffs from some of their biggest inspirations.

    Music Videos:

    The Weepies – Thought of You” – By combining choreography and animation, the Weepies create a video using two of the most complex, yet simplistic, art mediums to tell a story.

    Dinner at the Thompson’s ft. Insight – “Beat the System” – You might want to consider peeling your eyes open a la Alex in A Clockwork Orange for this video, which flashes several quick clips from magazines to emphasize emotion and time passing.


    Marissa Nadler – “Baby, I’ll Leave You in the Morning” – In this video, Marissa Nadler sadly walks through Pawtucket’s Grand Manor in a white wedding dress, recounting the memories of lost love. Sounds like every story from Pawtucket.

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