Yeasayer – “O.N.E.”

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    Director Radical Friend wastes no time in getting weird for Yeasayer‘s music video for “O.N.E.” An alien with a shape-shifting head drives along, eventually reaching a run down building that houses an underground club. This isn’t a club for humans though. The guests are all dressed in their best Lady Gaga imitation outfits. A woman in a wet suit sits underwater as a pseudo-art exhibit. In this club the extraterrestrials (extradimensionals?) gamble on a game played with glass geometric figures, the question now becomes; what are the stakes?

    Directed by: Radical Friend
    Produced by: Josh Lind & Jett Steiger
    Director of Photography: Kevin Phillips
    Art Director: Peter Klein
    Choreography: Nina McNeely
    Edited by: Justin Fong

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