CoS Audiography: Episode 012: “An Interview with Jeremy Kolosine, part 3″


    In this edition of Audiography, I continue a discussion with Jeremy Kolosine, founder of early synthpunk band, Futurisk.

    Leaving the 8-bit material behind for a bit, we jump back to the beginnings of Kolosine’s career in the mid-late ’70s  in what has been hailed as the first synthpunk band in the American South.

    Kolosine talks about his influences, spanning from art rock to prog rock and, of course, punk. We talk about the Florida scene and his band’s outsider status among a collection of “punk wannabees.”


    We also get to hear about how James Murphy of DFA Records and, of course, LCD Soundsystem, re-discovered Futurisk in a New York City record shop over 20 years after Kolosine dropped off the record!  That discovery led to Murphy releasing a Futurisk song on the Colette, No. 5 compilation and commissioning Kolosine to re-record LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver as hexadecimally programmed Gameboy hardware “ringtones.”

    More information is available at Jeremy Kolosine’s website

    For information on Minimal Wave Records:

    Featured Music:
    01. Futurisk – “Lonely Streets”
    02. Futurisk – “Army Now”
    03. Futurisk – “Push Me Pull You”
    04. LCD Soundsystem / Jeremy Kolosine – “Time to Get Away”
    05. LCD Soundsystem / Jeremy Kolosine – “Sound of Silver”

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    Audiography Episode 012 – “An Interview with Jeremy Kolosine, part 3
    Written and Produced by Len Comaratta



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