CoS Audiography: Episode 013: “An Interview with Jeremy Kolosine, part 4”


    In this edition of Audiography, I continue talking with Jeremy Kolosine, founding member of Futurisk.

    As we continue to talk about Futurisk, Kolosine describes what it was like using electronic instruments and early synths in the days before the development of MIDI and the inherent difficulties in playing as well as recording on such instruments.

    We also talk about the re-release of Futurisk’s Player Piano EP on the Minimal Wave label and what led Kolosine to re-release the material after 30 years. The re-release was also coupled to the release of vinyl remixes by prominent artists such as Throbbing Gristle’s Chris Carter and Tom Furse of the Horrors.


    More information is available at Jeremy Kolosine’s website

    For information on Minimal Wave Records:

    Featured Music:
    01. Futurisk – “Meteorite”
    02. Futurisk – “Poison Ivy”
    03. Futurisk – “Split Second Decision”

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    Audiography Episode 013 – “An Interview with Jeremy Kolosine, part 4″
    Written and Produced by Len Comaratta


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