No Cover – Episode 6: Mo Money Mo Problems

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    Cluster 1 Original Series!

    No Cover documents the tales of Marshall (Trevor Marcotte) and his spontaneous roommate Randy (Kevin Waldvogel) as the two combine forces to form a rock band. They’ve got more than a few differences about where to take their music, and like all fresh faces on the scene, they must learn to adapt in order to create. Along for the ride is their unorthodox manager, David (Scott Robert Waldvogel), his assistant manager Kelsey (Michelle Hawkins), drunkest bass player known to man (Tyler Vocelka), and a drummer with a legacy/real rock and roll problem (Jay Bee). Written and created by Ted Maider and Scott Robert Waldvogel- This is what it takes to form a band; raw and uncut.

    Tune in to Cluster 1 every Wednesday for a new episode! Finance is an important aspect for any band and Randy thinks he may have some ways to make money…

    Starring: Trevor Marcotte and Kevin Waldvogel

    Directed by: Ted Maider
    Written by: Scott Robert Waldvogel and Ted Maider
    Director of Photography: Matt Lee
    Edited by: Scott Robert Waldvogel


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