Splitscreen: A Love Story

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    If you take any basic writing course anywhere, the professor will tell you that the most important rule is showing, not telling. So much can be said with just vivid, visual imagery. This applies frequently in film as well, but if anything makes the argument for scenery-driven approach, it’s Splitscreen: A Love Story. JW Griffths’ movie uses a split camera to show a man and a woman, living in New York and Paris, traveling to meet each other in London. The story is told from a first person point-of-view from both sides, giving both the familiarity of these cities as well as letting us feel the anticipation they have as one journey ends and a relationship begins.

    Directed by: JW Griffiths
    Produced by: Kurban Kassam
    Director of Photography: Christopher Moon
    Edited by: Marianne Kuopanportii
    Music: Lennert Busch

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