The One AM Radio – “Sunlight”

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    Director Andrew Huang’s video for the The One AM Radio track, “Sunlight,” hinges around an eclipse. An intense and fashionable woman, played by lead-dancer and choreographer, Cassandra Leyva, is knocked out by the last ray of sun shining around the umbra. From there, she’s doted on by clones of herself. She sleeps fitfully, having dreams and visions of a future experience. She wakes to walk through a reflection of herself, winding up inside the eclipse itself. It’s celestial mind games – but what’s at stake, and will she ever wake?

    Directed by: Andrew Huang
    Director of Photography: Timothy Gillis
    Choreography: Cassandra Leyva
    Executive Producer: Kerri Kleiner, Sheira Reese Davies, Jo Ann Thrailkill
    Produced by: Sloane Hayes

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