Today on Cluster 1: New No Cover, Noah and the Whale, We Are Trees, and plenty of shorts! (6/29)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert


    No Cover: Episode 6 – “Mo Money, Mo Problems” – Money is short right now in the No Cover house, so Randy cooks up some schemes to make the band some money.

    Music Videos:

    Noah and the Whale – “Life is Life” – A nightmare in America’s dreamland…the suburbs. Note the constant use of red, white, and blue – ’tis the season.

    We Are Trees – “I Don’t Believe in Love” – An Indian bride dances, reminisces, and appears to be getting some cold feet.


    Power Pill Fist – “Sloth” – It’s about as dark and twisted as an early David Fincher movie all up in this shit.

    Mc Luvin – “Animal” – A performance in the void, complete with colorful explosions.


    Splitscreen: A Love Story – The title says it all. Two people (in splitscreen), one from NYC and the other from Paris, find one another in London.



    Sodom and Gomorrah – This portrait depicts some of suburbs in Ghanna that undergo some of the worst poverty and pollution in the world.


    Protest Zapping – If your television remote could transport you to different places…

    Dripped – It’s kind of like Entrapment, except Catherine Zeta-Jones wasn’t bending through laser beams to get a snack.

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