Aeroplane Pageant – “Help Me Shoot This Apple Off My Head”

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    Simple situations aren’t always what they seem. Even though you think you know all the possible outcomes, the result of a certain action may surprise you nonetheless. For Aeroplane Pageant,  the video quite literally follows the title at the start. But it quickly becomes clear that the danger of shooting an apple off someone’s head may harm more that just the target.

    On a winter day on a sparkling blue beach, a bearded old man is obsessed with having someone shoot an apple off his head. However, every time a person points the rifle and fires at the apple, they inexplicably wind up killed instead. This doesn’t bother the old man though. He just wipes the blood off his face and moves on to the next hapless victim. He’s accompanied by his pill-popping love interest, a fanatical officer, and a camera crew who captures all the slaughter as well as the frustration of this man. Thanks to Brian Kelly’s wonderful lighting effects, crafty editing, and smart storytelling, this video is a mystery that will keep you guessing from beginning to end.

    Directed and Written by: Brian Kelly
    Produced and Edited: Kevin Vale
    Cinematographer/Colorist: Robbie Renfrow
    Lighting Design: Justin Brewer
    Lighting Assistant: Paul Maziatti
    Digital Imaging Technician: Patrick Cecilian
    Red Camera Technician: Doug Horton