Check Out: Chrome Sparks – “Doubt, No”


    For most of the day, Jeremy Malvin is a 20-year old student of percussion in Ann Arbor, MI. The rest of the time, he’s 20-year old sampling wiz-kid Chrome Sparks. Laying 808 kicks under shimmering electronic instrumentals befitting his name, Chrome Sparks crafts lush, thickly textured tracks of notable maturity. On “Doubt, No”, for example, hazy, chambered synths lead to an explosive beat and a prime example of Malvin’s sampling ability. The splicing and pitch modification of the repeated phrase “I felt it all in my bones/I know we still have time” could come off like one’s too impressed with his computer’s nifty capabilities, but instead the skillfully tweaked and toyed-with sounds do beautiful things to the track’s flow and mood.

    Hear it all for yourself using the music player below. The track comes as part of Chrome Sparks’ recent seven-track My <3 EP, which includes guest spots from Steffaloo. We highly recommend you give the whole thing a listen on his Bandcamp page, but if you need convincing just click play below.

    Chrome Sparks – “Doubt, No”

    My <3 EP Tracklist:
    01. Doubt, No
    02. All There Is (feat. Steffaloo)
    03. <3 & Soul
    04. Soul & <3
    05. Miss You (feat. Steffaloo)
    06. Show You My Way
    07. This Revenge Is Calm