CoS Audiography: Episode 014: “An Interview with Jeremy Kolosine, part 5”


    In this edition of Audiography, the conversation with Jeremy Kolosine, synthpunk pioneer, continues.

    We enter the period of his career beginning after the dissolution of Futurisk.

    Still operating out of Florida, by the end of the decade, Kolosine found himself working with a lifelong friend on his next project. The Influence UK was the first of two major projects involving Kolosine before his eventual leap into 8-bit and chip music. They managed to record a cassette as the Influence UK and even found a fan in a future Marilyn Manson.

    After the end of the Influence UK and the birth of his son, Kolosine found himself wanting to leave Florida behind for seasons and ended up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Within months of moving to Roanoke, Kolosine was onto his next project, shoegaze band Shakespace.

    More information is available at Jeremy Kolosine’s website

    Featured Music:
    01. The Influence UK – “Top 40”
    02. The Influence UK – “Eddie Is A Long Haired Spectacle”
    03. Shakespace  - “Already No (Ksine Mix)”
    04. Shakespace – “No Parade (Ksine Mix)”
    05. Shakespace – “Waiting For the Gun”


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    Audiography Episode 014 – “An Interview with Jeremy Kolosine, part 5″
    Written and Produced by Len Comaratta


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