Today on Cluster 1: Blake Sennett, Lykke Li, Get Up Kids, Parenthetical Girls, and The War on Drugs (7/8)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert


    Cluster 1 HANGOUT with Blake Sennett – Hilarity ensues when CoS/Cluster 1’s Dan Caffrey takes The Elected frontman/former Rilo Kiley guitarist to Chicago’s legendary eccentric novelty store, Uncle Fun.

    Music Videos:

    Lykke Li – “Sadness is a Blessing” – An entire restaurant watches in silence as Lykke Li proceeds to get hammered, and then sings. Even actor Stellan Skarsgard looks confused in this one.

    The Get Up Kids – “Rally Round the Fool” – Lots of salvaged footage that will make you queasy in the strangest way.


    The War on Drugs – “Baby Missiles” – Traveling around with a 16mm camera can yield some quality results.

    Parenthetical Girls – “Careful Who You Dance With” – It’s like a rich, Roman oil painting come to life!

    Farrad – “The Way You Do” – Luckily, some people are still dedicated to old style cartoons. Say hello to the music video version of Roger Rabbit.



    Oil’d – What if there hadn’t been an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico?

    Symmetry – If this were boring, it’d just be called, Opposites. But it’s interesting, so it’s called Symmetry. Go Figure.

    A Family Portrait – Family portraits make everyone out to be happy and loving…but this is not always the case.

    A Love Story…In Milk – Hey, milk cartons are allowed to experience love too.

    Don’t Forget…


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